How teamwork stems from your company’s uniforms

From the schoolyard to the sports field, uniforms have long been enforced to help break down boundaries and generate a sense of camaraderie. The workforce is no exception.

Indeed, the act of donning a uniform can create an unconscious nudge towards teamwork, with employees able to appreciate the connection they share and the knowledge that they’re all working towards a common goal, whatever the industry may be.

But what exactly are the specific benefits? Here’s what can be achieved by wearing uniforms in the workplace.


Symbol of shared responsibility

There are few clearer ways to say “we’re all in this together” than by wearing matching outfits. A uniform signifies that everyone is on the same wavelength at work, regardless of background, age or race. It’s like being part of a club whereby the members are bonded by their different duties, each of which are necessary for achieving shared outcomes.


Higher engagement, which equals stronger commitment

A 2000 study conducted by Cornell University revealed that uniforms worn in the hospitality industry positively impacted employees’ engagement with the business. This creates a domino effect, whereby increased engagement leads to greater levels of commitment, which leads to higher productivity, which leads to overall positive outputs. That’s a lot of wins.

Such findings are further supported by another study conducted in 1984, which found that uniforms enhanced ‘employee-organisation links’. Essentially, this means uniforms are capable of improving workers’ commitment and compliance, along with reducing absenteeism.


Boosted customer relations

In customer-facing roles, uniforms are key for the public to easily identify workers at the company, which subsequently improves customer service. Not only does this help to streamline business operations, it can also result in higher levels of customer satisfaction.


Increased employee satisfaction

As revealed by a study conducted in 2000 by Nelson and Bowen, uniforms have the power to improve employees’ self-confidence and credibility at work. However it should be noted that to achieve this, it is crucial that employees have a say in the actual design of the uniform – from the style to the colour, and even the placement of the company’s logo.


Enhanced sense of professionalism

For many industries, uniforms inexplicably create a more polished look. This can increase employees’ sense of pride and professionalism in the workplace. Moreover, uniforms can ensure certain safety precautions are met within your business by implementing the appropriate apparel.


Benefits for employees’ pockets

By providing one’s employees with uniforms, they needn’t worry about spending their hard-earned cash on work-appropriate outfits. Again, this can boost employee satisfaction within the company.


…and benefits for the company’s image

Last but certainly not least, uniforms are a great way to advertise your business. By having your company’s name monogrammed on the material, your employees essentially become walking billboards for your brand.