Sheridan Bath Robes

Sheridan Bath Robes

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2 Items

Embroidered Sheridan robes

Choosing the right brand of robe to embroider may seem difficult at first. Which one feels the softest? Which one is the most comfortable? Which one comes in the best variety of colours? Which one could I spend all Sunday in, watching Netflix on the couch and not get sick of wearing?

Well, all of these questions can be answered with one word: Sheridan. Embroidering your robe is special. And therefore, you want the robe itself to be special. Sheridan robes tick that box, for plenty of different reasons.


Everyone who’s owned a Sheridan robe knows that they are superior in the comfort department when compared with other brands of robes. They’re made from the best quality cotton, ensuring they absorb moisture more effectively, last longer and feel softer than ordinary robes.

The breathable nature of Sheridan robes particularly takes them to a whole new level of comfy. There’s nothing worse than chucking on your robe to enjoy a whole afternoon of binge-watching a series, and then feeling sticky, sweaty and semi-claustrophobic fives minutes later. This happens when your robe isn’t made from quality, breathable cotton with long and fine yarns. The great thing about a luxury Sheridan robe is that you can wear it all day long, feel warm from head to toe and never break a drop of sweat in it. So when you go to embroider your robe, think about how important it is to be able to wear it for long periods of time.


Sheridan robes have an extensive range of styles. From spa robes that make you feel like you’re in a luxury resort, to bathrobes that give you the ultimate homey vibe, Sheridan robes take you wherever you’d rather be. Some may think that a robe is a robe is a robe, but the style and size isn’t just a matter of looks – it greatly affects how comfy you find it. When you embroider your robe, you want to make sure it’s exactly the right style for you… and you’re spoilt for choice when you go with a Sheridan.


We live in a world where fashion is a means of expressing ourselves. You don’t want to be stuck with a boring range of robe colours. You want a robe that expresses a little part of yourself! Whether it’s a vibrant and funky pastel-coloured robe, or a traditional, timeless red or white one – Sheridan robes have so many options when it comes to colour. This, combined with the perfect embroidery, guarantees that you’ll be happy with your robe forever… or until you buy another one.

We hope this helps you choose the right robe for embroidering. It’s no secret that Sheridan robes have been the comfiest, most stylish and most breathable on the market for over 50 years, so choosing one should be the easiest decision ever. Now you just have to select the style of monogram.